30 May, 2013

New Blighthaven packs from Ral partha Europe

Ral partha Europe has released two more packs in their Blighthaven line . Ordered the goblins but as nice as the Town Guard one is I already have one .

22 May, 2013

Warlord of Thains Skirmish Warband

Warlord of Thains skirmish warband. Need some archer support but otherwise these were pretty fun to paint up.

18 May, 2013

More upcoming goodness from Splintered Light

Wow more excellent figures coming from Splintered Light this summer. Go check out his blog for further details http://www.splinteredlightminis.blogspot.com/2013/05/new-15mm-rpg-character-range-sneak-peek.html and I don't think you'll be disappointed.

17 May, 2013

New Dragon coming from Splintered Light Miniatures

Saw this over on Splintered Light Miniatures blog sculpted by Sandra Garrity. I think it looks really good and will be adding it to the collection once it's released. 

16 May, 2013

Some useful Buildings that just came out

4Ground just released 3 pre painted 15mm Renaissance buildings that I think will be useful for a fantasy town.

12 May, 2013

Found my hill giants

I've been looking around the last few day's for some giants that I could use as giants in my skirmish games. Tonight I hit upon Otherworlds site while searching and seeing someone on their forums mention they would work as 15mm giant's. I wasn't aware they had done cavemen but looking at them I think they will work quite well. So order placed and now just to wait till they show up.

10 May, 2013

Pack of Wolves

Demonworld Wolves. I'm not entirely happy with how they came out. I really struggle with getting natural looking animal paint jobs done.  

05 May, 2013

Petrified Trolls terrain piece.

This piece is from Ziterdes a German company that does 25/28mm terrain in hardfoam. I picked this up a few years back from Noble Knight games but didn't do anything with it. While looking at it recently it seemed to me that it would fit/scale well with 15mm. In the picture are 15mm Demonworld Empire figures and a Demonworld Ogre. I think it works well. Checking Ziterdes site it appears the piece is oop now which is a shame. Rough dimensions on it are 12 x 8 x 4 inches. 

02 May, 2013

Yamizruk the Stubborn and Thugoll Throatcutter

Here we have Yamizruk the Stubborn and Thugoll Throatcutter two foul and smelly Ogre's to terrorize any unsuspecting fools.